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Bad Lieutenant

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Always with the half-truths. I, perhaps like Werner Herzog, have not yet seen Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant, a movie from 1992 starring Harvey Keitel as the eponymous bad cop facing his demons. What follows is a clip of Herzog speaking about his forthcoming re-envisioning of Bad Lieutenant, with the novel appellation “Port of Call New Orleans”. Note his insistence on mispronouncing Ferrara’s name. What a card.

I chose not to label it a remake, but instead use that horrid Orange-inspired neologism, for BL:PoCNO would be quite an imaginative stretch from the source material. Herzog seems to think he’s following the James Bond franchise model, and if that’s the case, this looks to be the sort of seismic shift in tone that heralded Daniel Craig’s inauguration for Casino Royale. Ben Child pointed out today that the latest from the mad German appears to be a manic black comedy. And it looks hilarious! Obviously, the project has only the most tenuous connection to the ‘original’, and the name is a marketing tool of the producer. Still, good fun.


Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Dir. Werner Herzog, Writ. William Finkelstein, Millennium Films, due Dec 2009


Written by James P. Campbell

28/05/2009 at 20:39

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