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Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee ***

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Le DonkThe charming creation of Paddy Considine (a good friend of director Shane Meadows) Le Donk is the nom de plume of an obnoxious roadie whose life is in a mess. Currently claiming to work the big “Arctical Monkeys” performance at Old Trafford, he plans to secure a big break for his latest side-project: the insecure, overweight, and bizarrely talented Scorz-ay-zee. Affectionately known as Scorz, he is allegedly Nottingham’s finest rap artist. Donk’s affectations are amusing but aren’t sufficient to carry the film in lieu of deep situational comedy. Thankfully, not only is Le Donk quite short, but also structurally sound. I can’t help but feel that this material would have been better used as the groundwork for a four part television series, but maybe that’s the subconscious influence of Olivia Colman’s presence. And it would defeat the purpose of what is supposed to be the first of a new low-fi film-making initiative from Meadows. Quite impressive what a ballsy director can do with £50,000 and some witty performers; I look forward to more of this sort of thing.


Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee, Dir. Shane Meadows, Star. Paddy Considine, Warp X, UK, 2009 // This review was subsequently reworked for The Skinny


Written by James P. Campbell

21/06/2009 at 18:30

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