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WastedAmongst the great British cinema on offer at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, there is a terribly poor showing from Scottish film-makers. A repeat offender, Wasted is the sort of film concocted by young folk who, inspired by masterpieces like Sweet Sixteen and Trainspotting, come to the wrong conclusion that slice-of-life under-class misery is intrinsically compelling viewing. In spite of some pleasing cinematography, pulled off despite poor equipment and obviously insufficient resources (or poor use of funding), the film bombs. Even the efforts of two pretty worthy young actors can’t save an awful, awful script. Almost entirely filler, it insists that the majority of words to pass the lips of its characters are to be banal and unrealistic asides. To accompany inauthentic lines are a side-order of badly cast voice-over parts, which betray young actors who cannot mask their out-of-place upper-middle-class accents. There are some ephemeral scenes between its romantic leads – when they raid the terribly posh fridge of a trick, for example. Not enough, unfortunately.

Wasted, Dir. & Writ. Stuart Davids & Caroline Paterson, Wasted Productions, UK, 2009


Written by James P. Campbell

26/06/2009 at 14:00

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