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A quick synopsis of some things floating round the internet and film press this week which roused my interest.

The Fantastic Mr Fox

A Wes Anderson adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic, with a trailer much maligned by a blogger over at the Guardian online. I actually think it looks magnificent. Far from the source, perhaps, but it may well stay true to the spirit (as much as might be hoped from an Americanization).


A critically-acclaimed zombie film made by an amateur on a £45 budget. This called to mind a recent student film made by several friends of mine on a similar shoestring, and with similarly accomplished effects. This, however, looks to have a really good script.


Click here for the English-subtitled trailer. The new film from Park Chan-wook, whose works are amongst my favourites of the last few years. This promises to appeal to a broader audience, and to grapple with fascinating Christian themes as well as the usual subjects of vampire fantasy. I was directed to it from this blog post, which dissects the film (to beautiful effect) in some depth.

The Road

Trailer for Cormac McCarthy’s novel adapted to the screen. The Road may have some problems, and has been delayed since the latter part of last year. But it is coming to the Venice Film Festival ’09, and hopefully therefore, to national cinemas shortly thereafter. I cannot wait.

District 9

This has obviously been around for a while, but its release is impending and I am completely psyched. A little trailer of District 9 to whet your appetite.


And a friend sent me this trailer, which coincidentally also sports and 9 in the title, and a post-apocalyptic setting. Very odd, this one – like a mash-up of Fallout 3, LittleBigPlanet, Terminator Salvation and Wall-E. This could go one of two ways…

A Serious Man

A late addition, this trailer showcases the new Coen Brothers project. It strikes an intriguing middle-ground between the kitsch Raising Arizona, Burn After Reading, etc. and the highly strung No Country, Blood Simple, etc. Something like a realist Barton Fink? What a trailer though…

Amongst other bits and pieces, there are a series of short lo-fi cartoons by David Lynch to be found on his website and Youtube, which I can appreciate but do not really recommend. Their oddity is something to behold though, and merited a link. More seriously, the second anniversary of Ingmar Bergman’s death has just passed, and here is a comprehensive collection of links and quotations in memoriam.



Written by James P. Campbell

01/08/2009 at 23:51

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