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My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

My vote for most conventionally subversive trailer this year. This is SO exciting – directed by Werner Herzog, produced by David Lynch, starring Michael Shannon (of Revolutionary Road, and whose performance in The Missing person was awe-inspiring). Loosely based around the story of a chap who stabbed his mother with a saber, having recently been cast in a Sophocles tragedy. Read what you will into this video:


Everyone knows about this, but in case you haven’t caught the distinctively two-dimensional trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar, here it is. Most commentary has hinted at the implausibility of its big blue alien sexual romance. I must admit, this looks like a video game to me – but who didn’t enjoy Final Fantasy: Spirits Within…?


A film which has received fantastic reviews in the UK, and whose premise is quite delightful. An awkward and shy boy with a curious hyperlink sexuality finds himself accidentally filming the cocaine overdoses of two preppy girls at his school – girls whose drug connection is his roommate. He is asked by the Principal to produce a memorial video…you can see where this is going.


A kids movie from Robert Rodriguez, who you will remember was behind the Spy Kids project as well as Planet Terror etc. His is a unique brand of sugar-rush psychosis entertainment, a ritalin antidote for the current generation of sedated American sprogs. I WANT IT NOW.

Blog updates

  • Genevieve Yue wrote a beautiful essay on Claire Denis’ L’Intrus (an extraordinary piece of work, part of a dialogue with philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy [I once read part of a thesis bringing together Nancy and Heidegger, but cannot find it any more – coincidentally, Nancy starred in The Ister, a film based on Heidegger’s essays on Hölderlin’s poetry])
  • And a charmingly creative video-essay follows, by Alsolikelife:


Written by James P. Campbell

23/08/2009 at 22:01

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